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A 12v relay is connected across the 12v supply. When the output is shorted, the 12v falls to 0v and the relay drops-out.

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The choke L1 resonates with the antenna and allows current to flow into the receiver circuit. The clock input connects to a Schmitt trigger for pulse shaping and allows slow clock rise and fall times not needed in our case.

Therefore it can run on two cells for many hours. The operation of the circuit can be made clearer by re-arranging the components as follows: This is what happens. This is most important is very difficult to achieve.

The actual voltage on the base of the 2N is unknown and the amount of base current is unknown. The receiver amplifies the received signal via transistors Q3 and Q4. The switching points are about 8 volts and 4 volts using the resistor values shown but could be brought closer together by using a lower value for R3.

This circuit, with the components shown, uses less than 10mA. The output from 1C2 pin 3 is connected to clock pin pin 14 of the IC3 for sequencing operations.

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This circuit 70interesting circuits build around readily available, low 70interesting circuits components — a and decade counter CD4O1 7. The transmitter circuit can be simplified to the following design as the driver transistors are not needed.

When switch S1 is pressed, it generates ultrasonic sound. Thus it indicates when the circuit is operating. An LED will flash to indicate the lightning flashes. When the second transistor turns ON, it also pulls the 2u2 down and this removes the "turn-on" voltage to the first transistor.

The two transistors remain in this state for a few seconds while the 2u2 discharges and the voltage on the base of the first transistor rises.

Thus, a five stage sequencer can be made by connecting pin 15 to pin 1. The inverted output of 1C2 is used to bias transistor Q5. This circuit will simply not work and the relay will simply become a "Buzzer. The capacitors are not particularly critical but the trimmer might require a little care.

Output of the operational amplifier is connected to a relay through a driver stage. The art of designing a circuit is to make it as simple as possible and use the least number of components.

Current is detected by passing on of the AC lines through an inductive pickup L1 made with a 1 inch diameter U-bolt wound with turns of 35 magnet wire.

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The output remains full HIGH. When the second transistor turns ON, it also pulls the 2u2 down and this removes the turn-on voltage to the first transistor. Lower the voltage and in sequence all other LEDs will light up. This means a small change in either input produces an almost full rail swing on the output.

The original circuits come from an Indian Electronics Magazine and most of them had faults. The best method is to make a short extension cord with the three conductors separated from each other. Thats why I consider it to be the most important approach to learning.

Frequency of the circuit can be varied by adjusting VR1. The trimmer is adjusted until the beeping just stops and only a very weak squeal is heard when a 2.

Adjust it for maximum performance. Check that Led 1 lights up at approximately If you make a 3-turn loop with say the active line, and pass a straight rod such as a metal bolt, containing or more turns through the centre of the 3-turns, you will produce a very sensitive pick-up.

In the process of bringing these faults and corrections to you, we have created this eBook of70 Interesting Circuits. The transmitter circuit generates an ultrasonic frequency between kHz.

The probe should be built into a metal box so that one hand makes good The 74C14 contains 6 Schmitt Trigger gates and 4 of these gates Schmitt Inverters are used in this circuit.70 Interesting Circuits - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

70 Interesting Circuits. 70 Interesting Circuits - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. 70 Interesting Circuits. The circuit consists of a number of building blocks and the first consists of two transistors in a very clever bootstrap arrangement.

The first transistor is turned on via the 3M3 and 47k. The second transistor is not turned on and the output is HIGH. Save 70 Interesting Circuits as: zip (kB) henrydreher.com (kB) henrydreher.com (kB) () For our other free eBooks: 50 - Circuits 1 - Transistor Circuits - Transistor Circuits IC Circuits For a list of every electronic symbol, see: Circuit Symbols.

By using this circuit, no one can cheat others as the circuit operates at high speed." "+ Free Electronics Mini Projects Circuits for Engineering Students.

Tailor-made IT Systems. When the circuit is waiting to detect audio, the 2u2 is charged via the 47k on the base of the first transistor and 47k collector resistor of the second transistor (plus the .

70interesting circuits
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